Conductor, pianist, arranger and not least composer: Ziv Cojocaru, born in Beer-Sheva in 1977, is active in many fields of Israel’s musical life. As such, he builds bridges effortlessly between classical, contemporary and popular music. His chamber music work Do You Like Bill? (2013) in homage of the American jazz pianist Bill Evans is a good example. In addition, Cojocaru has taught at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem since 2010. His compositions have been performed at the Desert Sounds Festival of Contemporary Music and at the Israeli Music Festival by artists such as the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Israel Sinfonietta and the Israel String Quartet. As a conductor, Cojocaru appears regularly with the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, the Israel Sinfonietta and the orchestra of the Jerusalem Music Academy. Since 1995 Cojocaru has played an important role in Israel’s popular music scene, where he is active as a musician, arranger and producer.