Yevhen Stankovych

73 years old today, Yevhen Stankovych has counted among the Ukraine’s most important composer personalities for decades. His works spans many different areas: his first opera, When the Ferns Blossom, was written in 1979; his most recent chamber opera, I Rustici, was premiered in 2008. His ballet compositions range from Olha (1981) and Rasputin (1985) to The Ruler of Borysthen (2010). Six symphonies and concerti for violin, viola or flute are part of Stankovych’s comprehensive oeuvre, as is a multitude of chamber music works. Another notable fixture of his output is his work for film – his soundtracks have enhanced feature movies, documentaries, TV series and animated films. The composer’s works are regularly performed abroad, including in the USA, Germany, France, Switzerland and China, as well as the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries. Today Stankovych is the head of the composition department at the Kiev Conservatory. He previously served as chairman of the Ukrainian Composers’ League.