© Rikard Österlund

The British composer Tansy Davies, born in Bristol in 1973, was a member of a rock band during her youth, and this experience has influenced her approach to composition to this day. “Between Xenakis and Prince”: thus a critic described her style, which is also consciously open towards the avant-garde, including techno and electronic sounds as well. Tansy Davies is frequently inspired by non-musical phenomena, for example a fascination with the Tarot in Wild Card (2012), a painting by Anselm Kiefer in Falling Angel (2006), the structures built by architect Zaha Hadid or the shapes of nature. In 2011 she developed the dance project Omega and the Deer together with the Norwegian choreographer Ingun Björnsgaard, which was also shown in Berlin and Potsdam. In 2012 she created the piano concerto Nature, and in 2013 the orchestral work The Beginning of the World had its world premiere at the Proms in London. In April 2015 Tansy Davies’ first opera had its premiere at the English National Opera in London: Between Worlds, inspired by the attacks of September 11, 2001, describes the situation of a group of individuals locked into one of the Twin Towers.