Become an orchestra donor!

Every donation counts, because …

for 30 € a string player receives a set of scores.

for 50 € a young horn player can spend the night at a hotel in Berlin.

for 100 € a musician’s drumsticks will hit a drum, not thin air.

for 250 € a young bassoonist from Portugal can travel to Berlin.



Join us and help support Young Euro Classic, for your donation enables great things to happen: the gifts of opportunity!

Saleem Ashkar, Artistic Director und Pianist of the Galilee Chamber Orchestra

“It is like a small miracle: the moment a young person holds a violin, a cello or trumpet, plays and steps onto a stage, that person gains a voice. This is how I try to countermand and fight the feeling of being silenced. Through music-making, performing and this community, a sense of strength develops, a feeling that ‘I have a voice’. I am deeply convinced that an education (not only in the musical sense), training and performing can achieve this, and that we can reach our goals together.”

Sarah Alexander, CEO and Artistic Director of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain (NYOGB)

“The National Youth Orchestra’s teenagers are especially touched to be welcomed this summer, when so much is changing between Britain and Europe. In return they will share a performance that embodies their youthful passion, inspiration and big dreams, and hope to forge a beautiful and lasting connection with music lovers in Berlin.”

Please print your individual card with informations for making a donation to Young Euro Classic here.

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