Did you know

… that a Huapango is a traditional Mexican dance and music style whose name goes back to a word in the indigenous Nahautl language: “cuauhpanco” means “upon the wood” and refers to the wooden platforms which allow the rhythmic stamping of heels to be accentuated?

… that the first reaction of the prominent music critic Eduard Hanslick to Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto was that it inspired “the horrible idea whether there might be pieces of music you can hear stinking” – which fortunately did not stop the work, one of the most frequently performed violin concertos today, from conquering the entire world?

… that Grażyna Bacewicz, in turn, was a violin prodigy who moved to Paris at the age of 23 to study composition with Nadia Boulanger, then worked as concertmaster at the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra while writing her own works and paving the way for other female composers?

… that Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6, the “Pastoral” with its depictions of nature and weather events, was an inspiration for Hector Berlioz?

… and that Hector Berlioz, composer of the “Symphonie fantastique” with the subtitle “Episode from the Life of an Artist”, which portrays that bohemian life in drastic colours – from passions and dreams to opium dens and witches’ Sabbaths – became the founder of programme music?

And just in case you are wondering what programme music is supposed to be – that’s just another question to which our pre-concert talk surely has an answer!

You will learn many fascinating and often surprising background facts from musicological experts in our pre-concert talks – always delivered with a personal note. Often, musicians of the orchestra, conductors or soloists are also interviewed as part of these events.

Enjoy an enriching start to your concert evening and listen to the young musicians on stage with a “knowing ear”.

We look forward to welcoming you to our pre-concert talks – see you there!

All pre-concert talks are given in German.

Anne Kussmaul (left) during a pre-concert talk in 2017 with Mariana Vieira, winner of the European Composer Award.

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