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Next Generation – Our Programme for the Youngest Generation

Discover, engage, participate: this platform for youth and its talents ensures a playful approach to culture and creativity.

Young Euro Classic Children's Day on August 18, 2024

Bang Clack Boing!

Travel with us to the world of rhythm and dance! Together, we explore sounds in space, using instruments and our own bodies, and finding out how many things can be used to make music.

An interactive children’s performance with lots of movement and imagination.

10 AM and 12 PM, Konzerthaus, Musikclub.

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© Tom Schweers

Rigo & Rosa

Rigo und Rosa are all about the big and the small: the big leopard and the little mouse go through big and small adventures, discuss big and small issues and share big and small feelings. And always, the story is about their friendship, which is “so colourful, warm, big and fat” that it’s larger than any stage in the world.

The composer Aziza Sadikova, whose “Mopito” the Ensemble Quillo performed at the 2022 Children’s Day, has set the stories about Rigo & Rosa to enchanting music, based on the children’s book by Lorenz Pauli and Kathrin Schärer.

12 PM, Konzerthaus, Kleiner Saal.

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Junior Academy Germany – France – Czech Republic

This year’s Junior Academy features not only two, but three countries on stage together. Young musical talents aged 4 to 19 from Germany, France and the Czech Republic rehearse for two weeks in Horažďovice (CZ), working on a diverse programme focusing on the classical traditions of all three countries – including a “Children’s Symphony” by Jiří Kabát composed especially for this academy! Celebrate the premiere of this special string orchestra, and the wonderful diversity of music!

1:30 PM, Konzerthaus Berlin, Großer Saal.

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Time to Join the Fun

     © Tom Schweers

Music for Everyone

Not just listening – half the fun is making music yourself! Have you always wanted to coax a note from a trumpet, play a violin or test your sense of rhythm? Workshops by the “Klingendes Museum” and other docents offer a chance to try out everything you’ve always wanted in music!

Please note: You can only participate in the interactive workshops if you hold a ticket for one of the Next Generation concerts.

11 AM-3 PM, Ludwig-van-Beethoven-Saal and Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Saal, Musikclub and Kleiner Saal (all at Konzerthaus Berlin)

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