Hear Something New at Young Euro Classic

The European Composition Award for artful new sounds

Contemporary music plays a major role in all Young Euro Classic projects. The Festival offers a platform for contemporary music and also commissions new works from young composers.

From its very beginning, Young Euro Classic has had the goal of giving contemporary music a platform, and this profound conviction means that the festival of the world’s best youth orchestras never allows its ties to contemporary music production, tomorrow’s composers and new works around the world slacken. In this context, the festival’s motto “Tomorrow’s musicians today” expands to include “tomorrow’s music today”: year after year, Young Euro Classic supports the creation of a remarkably diverse range of artful new sounds, and its European Composition Award throws a special spotlight on today’s colourful new music scene and the ever-increasing diversity of contemporary music.

European Composition Award

At the festival Young Euro Classic the Mayor of Berlin presents the European Composition Award to the most deserving candidate.

The European Composition Award is donated by the Governing Mayor of Berlin as part of Young Euro Classic. The prize goes to the best world premiere or German premiere presented at the festival. The decision who receives the prize and its cash value of 5,000 € is made by a volunteer jury composed of ten music-loving laymen plus a chairman.

Evrim Demirel wins European Composition Award!



On Sunday, August 21, 2022, the German premiere of „Ottoman Miniatures II“ by Evrim Demirel was awarded the European Composition Award for outstanding artistic achievement in musical composition.


The audience jury’s statement was reverent: „Sounds can transport us – this work was a brilliant example of this accomplishment.“ „’Ottoman Miniatures II’ took the listener on a journey through the Orient, touched our hearts, and successfully teased the dynamic relationship between the past and the present.“


„Ottoman Miniatures II“ had its German premier at the concert of the National Youth Philharmonic of Turkey on August 16, 2022 at Young Euro Classic.


The Turkish composer Evrim Demirel is among the most important representatives of the younger Turkish generation. Born in Izmir in 1977, he studied first at Bilkent University in Ankara, then moving on to the Netherlands, where he was a student of composition, electronic music and jazz piano at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Later, Demirel studied with Theo Loevendie at the Amsterdam Conservatory, from which he graduated with a master’s degree in 2007. One characteristic element of Demirel’s compositions is the combination of a Central European musical language with the idioms of his homeland. This is reflected mainly in his use of instruments from the Eastern Mediterranean region, such as qanun, setar and oud, in his numerous compositions for chamber ensemble. Apart from concerti for clarinet, saxophone and jazz piano, his oeuvre also contains the opera Ninatta (2015) and the orchestral work Fasil No. 1 for Turkish ensemble and orchestra (2010). Evrim Demirel currently is a professor at the jazz department of the Istanbul State University; he also performs as a jazz pianist with his own ensemble. www.evrimdemirel.net

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