Melancholy, dance-like, impressive

The festival hymn is played at the beginning of each concert – in surprisingly different versions, which is due to the national tone of the orchestra performing it. The hymn is a commissioned work for Young Euro Classic.

The renowned Hungarian conductor Iván Fischer dedicated the “Young Euro Classic festival hymn” to the Festival. Fischer himself comments on his piece: “Please don’t take my short fanfare too seriously! And, even more important, the young musicians are not supposed to play it too perfectly!”

“It is a musical joke, meant to be enjoyed. The beginning is a somewhat melancholy march (because young people are so often melancholy), followed by a dance-like trio (because youth orchestras are always exhausted from partying too much), and finally a reprise of the march with a jazzy improvisation, so that the trumpet-player or violinist can impress his or her colleagues. The occasional wrong note is part of the plan.”

Iván Fischer has appeared at Young Euro Classic on numerous occasions, such as his concert with the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra in 2010. He is also a member of the festival’s Artistic Advisory Board. Iván Fischer was music director of the Konzerthaus Berlin and chief conductor of the Konzerthaus Orchestra Berlin from 2012 to 2018. Since the 2018/19 season he has been the orchestra’s conductor laureate.

Festival hymns

2011 – 2020:   Iván Fischer (Ungarn): “Young Euro Classic Festival hymn”  

2009 – 2010:   Manfred Trojahn (Germany): “Abendstraßen” 

2008:   Guohui Ye (China): “Echo” 

2006 – 2007:   Nina Šenk (Slovenia): “Navitas”

2004 – 2005:   Anatolijus Senderovas (Lithuania): “Fanfaren” 

2002 – 2003:   Hans Schanderl (Germany): “Salut au monde” (after Walt Whitman)

2000 – 2001:   Mauricio Kagel: (Argentina/Germany) “Fanfanfaren für vier Trompeten”