You can never have too many friends…

Close friends of the Festival have joined together, founding the association Friends of the Festival young.euro.classic e.V. The association supports Young Euro Classic and works to ensure the festival’s future.

The Friends of the Festival have set their goal to build a strong community and ensure the popular festival Young Euro Classic’s future through their civil commitment.

The focus is on support for contemporary classical music and cultural exchange – for example by financing works commissioned by Young Euro Classic or joint encounters of young musicians, fostering intercultural awareness and exchange.

As a Friend of the Festival, you enjoy:

  • Preferential and advance information on the programme
  • Exclusive encounters with the artistic director and general management of the festival
  • The opportunity to buy tickets in advance of general ticket sales

The annual membership fee is 100 €. Upon submitting proof of their status, students, apprentices and university students may elect to either pay an annual fee of 60 € or to enjoy two years of guest membership free of charge.

Help Young Euro Classic achieve broader public awareness and resonance – become a member of the association “Friends of the Festival young.euro.classic”!