Leon Firšt

The 24-year-old composer Leon Firšt, born in 1994 in Celje in Slovenia, is currently a master student of Dušan Bavdek at the Ljubljana Music Academy. He has written more than 70 works, both for large symphonic orchestras as well as chamber music and solo works, which have been performed not only in his native Slovenia, in Serbia and Croatia, but also in Germany, Austria and Hungary. For his orchestral work Romantic Souls, Leon Firšt won a prize at the Composers’ Competition in Amersfoort (Netherlands); his opera In the Name of Love was performed at the National Opera in Ljubljana. His musical Veronika Deseniška is among the most successful musical works in Slovenia; his pieces for young musicians are obligatory at many competitions. In addition, Firšt has also written scores for films and plays.