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The Norwegian composer Knut Vaage, born in Bergen in 1961, writes in different styles, dedicating himself particularly to the border areas between composed and improvised music. Brann Bataljonen (2008), for example, requires an “orchestra, rockband and football fans”. The spectrum of his works is impressive, ranging from symphonic music to operas to solo pieces for piano. His first opera, Someone is Going to Come (2000), was based on the play of the same name by Jon Fosse and commissioned by the Norwegian Opera in Oslo. Among his instrumental works, Movements (1998) for chamber orchestra, Skjulte Songar (Hidden Songs, 2005/6) and the two orchestral works Troll (2007) and Tjat (Chatter, 2005) as well as the piano concerto Hokkaidos Hagar (The Gardens of Hokkaido, 2004) stand out, all of which were first performed by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.