Born in 1986, the Albanian composer Gerti Druga studied composition with Thoma Gagi at the Albanian University of the Arts in Tirana. In 2010 he won the National Competition in Albania with a work dedicated to Mother Theresa. In 2012 Druga received the First Prize in the National Competition for the Centenary of Albanian Independence. In 2013 he composed his Albanian Rhapsody as a commission for the 125-year anniversary of the Cologne Orchestra Society. In addition, Druga has written numerous works for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra and chorus, as well as the scores for several short and documentary films, including the film Amanet (2014). From 2015 to 2021 he was artistic director of the Albanian State Folk Music Ensemble, for which he composed the musical theatre work Trimat e Jutbinës in 2016. Through the end of 2021 he was professor of composition at the Universities in Shkodra and Tirana. Druga moved to Versailles, France, in 2020.