German Circle of Friends of European Youth Orchestras

General Management

Civic commitment at its best. Creating a platform in Berlin for the best youth orchestras from around the world – that was the idea that inspired a group of friends to set up the German Circle of Friends of European Youth Orchestras back in the year 2000.

Since then it has been a pleasure and a privilege for the members of the Circle to see and hear how each summer their civic commitment is transformed into music, as Young Euro Classic quite literally rings out in the German capital. However, the circle’s unparalleled commitment is not dedicated to the pleasures of music alone: it is also a commitment to Europe, to the future, and to Berlin.

Dr. Willi Steul, former General Director of Deutschlandradio

Deputy Chairman:
Dr. Ralf Kleindiek, Chief Digital Officer of the State of Berlin and State Secretary for Digital Affairs and Administrative Modernization


f.l.t.r.: Joachim Rupprecht (former Solicitor); Wolfgang Klein (Journalist); Dietmar Bär (Actor); Richard Gaul (Communications Consultant); Dr. Willi Steul (former General Director of Deutschlandradio); Johannes Neukirchen (former Ministerial Director, JNC Consultants); Wolfram Lüdecke (Entrepreneur); Axel Pelzer (Solicitor); Martin Krebbers (Journalist); Felicitas von Brevern (former Culture Manager); Ulrich Deppendorf (former Editor in Chief, Head of ARD-Hauptstadtstudio at ARD capital studio)

Not on the photo: Dr. Ralf Kleindiek (Undersecretary of State Chief Digital Officer of Berlins Senate Department for Homeland Affairs, Digitalising and Sports); Dietrich Mattausch (Actor); Prof. Dr. Dieter Rexroth (Dramaturge & Musicologist); Rolf-Dieter Krause (Journalist)







Gabriele Minz_web Each and every year, Young Euro Classic is a success story – in every way.

The company “Dr. Gabriele Minz GmbH Internationale Kulturprojekte”, managed by Dr. Gabriele Minz, has been charged with the organization of the festival by the German Association of Friends of European Youth Orchestras e.V. since the festival’s founding in 2000 and is responsible for the concept, planning, budgeting, communication, production and networking of Young Euro Classic.

Happy audiences and artists, seamless logistics and a harmonious overall impression are its goals every year.

Artistically Up to the Minute

Young Euro Classic never fails to delight, year in and year out, not just with the skill of the young musicians themselves, but also with bold and unusual musical programmes. The festival owes this to a specialist par excellence: the musicologist Prof. Dr. Dieter Rexroth is one of the best German-language dramaturges, a man whose ideas are quite simply visionary. Dr. Dieter Rexroth remains wholly committed to the original idea every year, the festival Young Euro Classic.