Orquesta Nacional Juvenil de Uruguay-Sodre

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Only eleven years ago, in 2011, the Orquesta Nacional Juvenil de Uruguay-Sodre (OJS), the National Youth Orchestra of Uruguay – Sodre, was founded by Ariel Britos; it has its headquarters at the Auditorio Nacional del Sodre in Uruguay’s capital of Montevideo. About 100 young musicians are members of the orchestra, which offers not only musical training, but also emphasizes the intellectual and cultural development of its members and keeping contact with new audiences. On the occasion of the OJS’ five-year anniversary, the orchestra undertook a tour with 20 performances within Uruguay and the surrounding regions. In addition, the orchestra has completed many other tours as well: in 2013 a first tour abroad took it to the USA and to Panama; in 2014 it toured Germany, Italy and Spain. The orchestra played in 2015 in Washington DC on the occasion of Pope Francis’ visit to the USA. In 2017 it celebrated the 100-year anniversary of La Cumparsita, the “tango of tangos”, with a multitude of concerts.


August 19, 2022 8 PM

Konzerthaus, Berlin

Ariel Britos

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Born in Montevideo in 1969, the conductor Ariel Britos is the founder and director of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Uruguay, the Orquesta Nacional Juvenil de Uruguay-Sodre. He originally studied piano, then also viola performance in his homeland, in Mexico and Brazil. In 1996 Britos moved to Venezuela, where he worked intensively with “El Sistema”, the network of children’s and youth orchestras founded by José Antonio Abreu. After his return to Uruguay, the musician initiated a similar project there with the motto “Un niño, un instrumento” (An instrument for every child). Ever since, Britos has been dedicated to expanding the youth orchestra scene in Central and South America; thus, he has worked with orchestras in Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico and Brazil. In 2005 he coordinated the “Orquesta Juvenil Latinoamericana” conducted by Claudio Abbado. For his artistic and social work, the Ariel Britos has won multiple awards, including the title “UNESCO Artist for Peace”.


Sergio Cervetti

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He has an Italian father and a French mother, was born in Uruguay in 1940 and moved to the USA in 1962 to study: Sergio Cervetti has assimilated many influences. He received major impulses when studying with Ernst Krenek at the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. In 1969 he spent a year in West Berlin on a DAAD fellowship. Cervetti’s catalogue of works is broad-ranging and covers orchestral works, chamber music, song cycles and solo compositions for guitar. In 1991 he wrote the harpsichord concerto Las Indias Olvidadas for the Alicante Festival, commemorating the 500-year anniversary of the discovery of America. In 2007 his opera The Elegy Prince had its world premiere in New York City. In his compositional style, Cervetti combines European traditions with influences of Latin American music and elements of Minimal Music. The composer has frequently pointed out the strong influence of painting, dance and socio-political issues on his works.




”The Road to Bremen“ (World Premiere) 🏆


Symphonie classique

Arturo Márquez

Danzón No. 2




Suite ”Estancia“


”A Tribute to Gardel“ – Tangos by Carlos Gardel



About the concert

This concert brings a thoroughly Latin American flavour to the 2022 programme of Young Euro Classic: for the first time, the National Youth Orchestra of Uruguay comes to the Konzerthaus in Berlin – presenting a colourful bouquet of breath-taking works from the American continent. This begins with Huapango, the secret Mexican national anthem, continues with the folkloristic, fiery suite Estancia by the Argentine Alberto Ginastera, and does not stop with the famous tangos of Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla. In addition, Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev’s Sinfonie Nr. 1 will be performed. The Uruguayan guests also bring special gift for their hosts: a world premiere with the title The Road to Bremen – it will be a surprise to see what inspired composer Sergio Cervetti!


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The concert will be recorded and broadcasted German wide on August, 25th on 20:03 in “Konzert” by Deutschlandfunk Kultur – through Dlf Audiothek app, UKW, DAB+ and deutschlandfunkkultur.de

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