August 14, 2021 20:00

Konzerthaus, Berlin

Clara Haberkamp

© Heide Benser

Life and music are one – thus the motto of the jazz pianist, composer and band leader Clara Haberkamp. In her trio with Tilo Weber (drums) and Oliver Potratz (bass), with whom she has been playing successfully for more than ten years, the 32-year-old makes her very personal music shine. A Berliner by choice, she is highly versatile: apart from her work with her trio, she also tours with the David Friedman Generations Quartet and accompanies the songwriter Susanne Betancor and the singer and actor Gustav Peter Wöhler on concert tours all over Germany. After four albums under her own name, including Orange Blossom, which was nominated for an ECHO Award in the jazz category in 2017, August 2021 will see the release of her latest album, Reframing the Moon. Born as a saxophonist’s daughter in Unna in Westphalia, Clara Haberkamp, who won the competitions “Jugend jazzt” and “Jugend musiziert” early on and was a member of the NRW Jazz Orchestra, moved to Berlin and Hamburg to study music in 2009. Today, she also teaches improvised song accompaniment at the Berlin University of the Arts and composition at the Babelsberg Film University.

Artistic Director

Clara Haberkamp Trio

The Berlin-based pianist Clara Haberkamp may only be 32, but her Trio has existed for a good dozen years. This continuity, combined with varied goals, is one of the ensemble’s strengths. The pianist’s exceptionally beautiful compositions, which merge profound knowledge of composition/improvisation with powerful intuition and structure with detachment, are a colourful, strong foundation for joint exploration of reticence and attack, balance and development. Even if the Trio’s compositions are written exclusively by the pianist, her two companions bring not only their full personalities to the table, but also their ever-increasing experience of life. 

“I try to let go and find the greatest possible space to unfold within the mood I am currently in,” the pianist says. “Our only limitation is in form, if at all. But that is a good thing, as when you feel the form, it helps you become even freer.”

Here a well-established and elegant trio presents multi-faceted, genre-busting music, always in an attempt to convey the most important thing: the playful element and its fascinating expression.

Clara Haberkamp – Piano
Oliver Potratz – Bass
Mareike Wiening – Drums

In June

© Fama M’Boup

After studying jazz in Dresden, Fama M’Boup was drawn back to her hometown of Berlin, but it did not keep her long. Living in Copenhagen, she explored contemporary music, electronics and her own compositional style, but remained true to her instrument, her voice. She began writing for her latest project, “in June”, when she was stuck in Berlin during a pandemic – imagining no less than four voices. The pieces are about emotions. “This is as honest as it gets right now. And that is currently my element, but it’s not therapy. It is an exploration,” she says – and she is right. “in June” starts with us as people, and combines desire and loss and Walt Whitman and Rilke. “in June” knocks on the door and asks: what about your emotions? Where have you pushed them?

Fama M’Boup – Arrangement, vocals
Liv Sindler – vocals
Anna-Lucia Rupp – vocals
Moritz Klatt – vocals

Pacific Quintet

© Taewook Ahn

The members of the Pacific Quintet first met at the Pacific Music Festival in Sapporo, Japan, originally founded by Leonard Bernstein. Inspired by the cultural exchange and respectful atmosphere of the Pacific Music Festival, the five young musicians decided to carry on collaborating in Bernstein’s spirit, founding the Pacific Quintet in Berlin. They hail from five different countries: Aliya Vodovozova (flute) from Russia, Fernando Martinez Zavala (oboe) from Honduras, Liana Leßmann (clarinet) from Germany, Kenichi Furuya (bassoon) from Japan and Haeree Yoo (horn) from South Korea. The musicians were educated at the Hanns Eisler Music Academy, at the Berlin University of the Arts and at the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic. Since the 2020 summer semester, the Pacific Quintet has been enrolled in Martin Spangenberg’s chamber music class at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music. In the spring of 2021 the ensemble won the first prize at the renowned competition of the “Arts and Culture Association of the German Business Community”.


„The orchestra whirls me wider than Uranus flies.“ (Walt Whitman)

Pianist and composer Clara Haberkamp takes the poet by his word and will refresh the audience with a musical whirlwind. The Pacific Quintet opens a dialogue between polytonal harmonics and improvisational interpretation with Darius Mihaud’s work La cheminée du roi René, and the Clara Haberkamp Trio excels at this dialogue. Together with the progressive vocal ensemble In June, both Haberkamps’ works for large ensemble as well as settings of Whitman’s poetry by the singer and composer Fama M’Boup will be performed.

Many thanks to Mercedes Benz Berlin.



The concert is recorded by Deutschlandfunk Kultur and broadcasted on August 30, 2021 at 20:03 nationwide – via FM, DAB +, Kabel, online and app.

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