Rigo & Rosa

A guest performance by Ensemble Quillo
August 18, 2024 12 PM

Konzerthaus Berlin, Kleiner Saal

Duration: 45 minutes, Ages 5 and up

Rigo und Rosa are all about the big and the small: the big leopard and the little mouse go through big and small adventures, discuss big and small issues and share big and small feelings. And always, the story is about their friendship, which is “so colourful, warm, big and fat” that it’s larger than any stage in the world.

The composer Aziza Sadikova, whose “Mopito” the Ensemble Quillo performed at the 2022 Children’s Day, has set the stories about Rigo & Rosa to enchanting music, based on the children’s book by Lorenz Pauli and Kathrin Schärer.


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