O/Modernt New Generation Orchestra

The internationally renowned chamber orchestra O/Modernt (Swedish for “Un/Modern”) has existed for several years; in the beginning of 2024, its founder and leader, the British violinist and conductor Hugo Ticciati, took the next step in O/Modernt’s journey by founding the New Generation Symphony Orchestra (NGSO). With its roots in the O/Modernt Academy, the NGSO brings together a select group of young musicians from across the Nordic-Baltic region. Members of the NGSO meet at the recently opened Queen Silvia Concert Hall in Stockholm for rehearsals and masterclasses, complemented by workshops in movement, dance, breath, meditation and improvisation. This holistic approach liberates the classically trained instrumentalists from the sanctity of correctness and showcases their freedom in concerts imbued with life, joy and a creative flow. In the spirit of O/Modernt, the NGSO is working on adventurous programmes that combine old and new in unexpected ways to awaken an innovative listening for all those present.

Sweden, Estonia, Denmark
August 19, 2024 8 PM

Konzerthaus Berlin

Hugo Ticciati

© Kaupo Kikkas

The musical world of the British-Swedish violinist Hugo Ticciati is characterized by infinite curiosity. The 44-year-old, brother of the chief conductor of Berlin’s DSO, Robin Ticciati, includes literature, philosophy, spirituality and meditation in his programmes, just like dance and kinetic painting. He performs the classical violin concertos, but also delves into contemporary music with verve. Ticciati has works by Takemitsu, Shchedrin, Glass and Lera Auerbach in his repertoire and has also given works by Albert Schnelzer, Sergey Yevtushenko, Erkki-Sven Tüür and Judith Weir their world premieres recently. He is a passionate chamber musician, working with the percussionist Evelyn Glennie, pianists Angela Hewitt and Olli Mustonen and the trombonist Nils Landgren, for example. In addition, Hugo Ticciati is the artistic director of the O/Modernt Kammarorkester and the O/Modernt Festival in Stockholm. Recently he has turned increasingly to conducting as well and has been invited to work with the Swedish and Australian Chamber Orchestras as well as Stuttgarter Kammerorchester.


Conductor and Violin


Concerto for Violin and Orchestra No. 2 “In Evening Light” (2020, Excerpts)


Scandinavian Folk


Symphony No. 1 in E-Minor Op. 39 (1898-1899)


Finale from the suite “The Prodigal Son” R. 214 (1957)

About the concert

O/Modernt concerts are always very special experiences! While the musicians from the North formerly tended to arrive at Young Euro Classic in chamber orchestra formations, this year marks the premiere of a larger symphonic guise: the O/Modernt New Generation Orchestra. The artistic appetite has not changed; more than ever, old and new sounds, symphonic and folk music will be woven together. Few Berlin listeners will know the music of the Latvian composer Pēteris Vasks, whose second violin concerto “In Evening Light” is featured on the programme? The same goes for the compositions of Hugo Alfvén, probably the most significant late romantic Swedish composer. In addition, there will be Scandinavian folk music, of course in unusual orchestral arrangements. At the heart of it all is the quicksilver founder and leader of the ensemble, Hugo Ticciati, who will not only be the violin soloist, but will also conduct the passionate First Symphony by Jean Sibelius after the interval.

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