Jovem Orquestra Portuguesa

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The Portuguese national youth orchestra Jovem Orquestra Portuguesa – JOP – now returns to Berlin’s Konzerthaus for a fifth time. Founded and financed by the Orquestra de Câmara Portuguesa (OCP), JOP has developed since its founding in 2010 from a chamber orchestra with 20 strings into a full symphony orchestra with over 80 musicians. They are between 14 and 24 years old and come together regularly to work with OCP musicians and international guest artists. The orchestra focuses on contemporary works; it also engages in social projects in many way, for example the integrational work Alcance | Reach by João Godinho, which won the European Composers Award at Young Euro Classic in 2019 (as did the Portuguese work by Mariana Vieira in 2017). In 2023, the JOP first performed together with its “older sister”, the OCP, to perform Mahler’s Ninth Symphony in Lisbon. Last year, the youth orchestra also travelled to the island of São Miguel in the Azores, where it performed Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

August 9, 2024 8 PM

Konzerthaus Berlin

Pedro Carneiro

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The Portuguese conductor Pedro Carneiro, born in the capital of Lisbon in 1975, has pursued a double career in music. On the one hand, he is an internationally celebrated percussionist who performs at all the major concert halls between the USA, Japan and Australia. More than 100 world premieres demonstrate his special position as a member of the musical avant-garde, as do his collaborations with the Arditti Quartet, the Tokyo String Quartet and the Chilingirian Quartet. The percussionist has a special love for improvisation, often in combination with live electronics or other innovative technologies. On the other hand, Carneiro has launched a successful career as a conductor. The Portuguese Chamber Orchestra (Orquestra de Câmara Portuguesa) wasfounded at his initiative and has its own concert series at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. Not least, the Portuguese multi-talent composes orchestral and chamber music, is interested in interactive projects with theatre, film or dance, and develops percussion accessories such as mallets and pedals.


Eva Aguilar

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The 21-year-old Portuguese musician Eva Aguilar pursues several artistic career paths simultaneously. She plays cello, studies voice and is also training as a composer. In this area, she is interested mainly in multi-disciplinary forms of composition, incorporating improvisation and installation, choreography, video and electronics. During recent years, Eva Aguilar has been invited by various ensembles to create commissioned works, in her Portuguese homeland as well as in Spain, France, Belgium and Great Britain.  Her works have been played at renowned festivals for contemporary art, such as the Dialogues Festival (Edinburgh), Festival Rondò 22 (Milan) as well as the DME Festival, Música Viva Festival and COMPOTA in Portugal. In 2023, Aguilar was the Composer in Residence at the Victor Córdon Studios / National Theatre São Carlos; this year, she is Composer in Residence of the Portuguese National Youth Orchestra JOP, also writing a new work which will have its world premiere at Young Euro Classic.

Composer (Competition entry European Composition Award 2024)


“Poème Symphonique” (1962)


New Work (World Premiere) 🏆


Symphony No. 9 in E-Minor Op. 95 “From the New World” (1893)

Words of Welcome

Joe Chialo
Senator for Culture and Social Cohesion

Dr. Willi Steul
1st Chairman, Deutscher Freundeskreis europäischer Jugendorchester e.V.

About the concert

The opening night of the 25th edition of Young Euro Classic promises to be fascinating – as the audience has come to expect from the Portuguese National Youth Orchestra! Its founder and director Pedro Carneiro is known for his imaginative programmes, always featuring the premieres of brand-new works. This year, it is the 21-year-old composer Eva Aguilar, who straddles the boundaries between music, choreography, video and electronics, and has been commissioned to write a new composition for the orchestra. Another special work is by György Ligeti, an avant-garde classic, which opens the concert: Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes, which produce intriguing sound patterns with their ticking in different rhythms! After the interval, the Portuguese musicians demonstrate that they have also mastered the “great repertoire”: Antonín Dvořák’s Ninth Symphony “From the New World” is a timeless masterwork with gorgeous melodies, breath-taking rhythms and Bohemian-inflected sounds.

100 metronomes were kindly provided by the SWR Symphony Orchestra.

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