Chun-Wai Wong

Based in Hong Kong, the Chinese composer Chun-Wai Wong (b. 1988) has won renown for a broad range of compositions, ranging from symphonic music to musicals and film scores. In addition, he has also made a name for himself as an arranger of vocal and chamber music, e.g. for church synods and CD publications. His musical idiom incorporates many different styles, mainly to achieve atmospheric or almost multi-medial effects. His most recent orchestral works include On Wings of Song and Dance (2014) and Clouds in Twilight (2013), as well as the cantata Butterfly’s Longing for the Flowers (2013) for voices, Chinese instruments and orchestra. Working with the film director Chi-Kwong Chow, he wrote the music for short films such as Softlight (2011), The Waltz (2012) and The Purplish Love (2014) as well as for several installments of the family pedagogics series Is Love Reliable. Wong’s works have been performed in China and in several European states, in the USA and in Mexico.